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Princeton HomeCare Hospice

I give this hospice program top billing because it is the program in which I serve as a volunteer, so I know it intimately.  As described on their website, "The Hospice Program of Princeton HomeCare is dedicated to providing compassionate clinical care to patients with life-limiting illnesses while supporting their loved ones. The team uses a holistic approach to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of both patient and loved ones as they work through end-of-life issues, while supporting the hope of a full and meaningful life for as long as possible."


The New Jersey Hospice & Palliative Care Organization's website has a wealth of information about hospice care in New Jersey, including a county-by-county list of hospice programs.

The American Hospice Foundation

Though the American Hospice Foundation closed its doors in June 2014, its website still contains a wealth of information under the headings of

     • Caregiving

     • Learning about Hospice

     • Grief


When should I start thinking about hospice care, for myself or a loved one?

An informative, general introduction to hospice that eventually gets around to answering the question in its title: "Experts in end-of-life care say most Americans need to start thinking about hospice long before the final six months is near."

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